Calibration Services

Calibration Services

Tank Calibration

IBI offers shore tanks/ terminal storage tanks

calibration service.


-       Calibration of cylindrical (Fixed roof/ Floating roof) storage tanks

-       highly accurate calibration table using laser scanners.

-       Spherical tanks

-       Cost effective tank calibrations,

-        volumetric capacity tables

-       Horizontal tanks

-       Oil and chemicals storage tanks

-       Petrochemicals/ Refineries daily tanks

-       vegetable oil storage tanks


Inspection and Calibration of Metering systems

-        Calibration of Ultrasonic gas metering system

-        Calibration of liquid metering systems

-        Provers calibration using Water Draw and Master Meter Method based on API MPMS Ch. 4.9 and API MPMS Ch. 11.12

-        Preparation of relevant calibration tables in Liter, Cubic meter and Barrels.

-        Application of latest calibration methods based on:

-        API MPMS Chapter 2

-        EODR (Electro Optical Distance Ranging method)

-        OTM (Optical Triangulation Method) Pair Station

-         Reference Circumference Method


28 August 2021


Calibration Services