Quality & Quantity inspection of oil, gas and chemical cargoes

Quality & Quantity inspection of oil, gas and chemical cargoes


•       Inspection of Oil, Liquified Gas & Chemical Cargoes

-       Inspection of liquid and liquefied gas cargoes:

-       Shore tanks sampling

-       measurement and quantity determination

-       Ullage Survey of Chemical, Product and Gas cargoes including (but are not limited to):

-       Crude oil, Fuel oil, Base oil, Para Xylene, Ortho Xylene, Raffinate, Reformate, Benzene, Toluene, Styrene monomer, Methanol, Ethanol, MEG, DEG, TEG, DPG, Caustic Soda, Acetic acid, Butadiene, Butadiene, Butane 1, Butane, Propane, LPG MIX, Ammonia, etc.

-       Draft Survey

-       Draft Survey of dry bulk cargoes like Urea, Sulphur, Clinker, etc.

-       Supervision of Loading/ discharge

-       Ship’s holds cleanliness inspections prior to loading

-       Superintendence of cargo loading

-       Inspection of hatch cover’s watertight

-       Ullage Survey:

-       End of shore line sampling

-       Tank Wall Wash 

-       Investigation of shore & ship difference

-       First foot sampling

-       During/ after loading sampling

-       Ullage Survey of liquid and liquefied cargoes

-       OBQ/ ROB measurement

-       Supervision of loading/ Unloading

-       Laboratory Testing and Retain sampling

-       Shore tank inspection and measurement

-       On-hire & Off-hire / Condition Survey

-       Container Survey (Container Loading Inspection (CLI)):

-        container survey, container condition inspection, container stuffing survey

-       To make sure that the good quality products also will be shipped well the Cоntаіnеr Lоаdіng Inѕресtіоnѕ іѕ a service thаt сеntеrѕ around сlоѕеlу supervising thе lоаdіng оf mеrсhаndіѕе оr іnduѕtrіаl gооdѕ іntо the shipping соntаіnеrѕ.

-       Damage/ Condition Survey:

-       Cargo damage survey

-       Commodity damage survey

-       Loss adjusting

-       Surveying Marine damages

-       Insurance Surveys

-       Damage Survey to fertilizer and agricultural products


bulk petroleum and refined products inventory and custody transfer inspection:

-       Tank Gauging 

-       Bunker Surveys 

-       Loading Monitoring 

-       Product Sampling to and laboratory services 

-       Tank Cleanliness Inspection 

-       Tank Wall Wash Test

-       Investigation of Cargo Discrepancies 

-       Investigation of ship & shore loaded quantity difference

-       Sampling, Sample Transport to Laboratory  

-       Sample Quality Laboratory Testing and Retain 


Bitumen Inspection and lab testing services:

-       Supervision on stuffing

-       Inspection of drums and containers prior to stuffing

-       Inspection of different types and grades of bitumen

-       polymer modified bitumen and emulsion, 40/50, 60/70, 85/100 grades

-       sampling and lab. testing according to BS EN 58, BS EN 13924-2, BS EN 12591 and BS EN 13808 specifications.

-       Inspection and sampling of bulk bitumen cargoes


28 August 2021


Quality & Quantity inspection of oil, gas and chemical cargoes